A little while ago I was contacted by Storey Publishing to illustrate a book of herbs and their meditations called, The Illustrated Herbiary. I worked closely with author and herbalist Maia Toll and art director Jessica Armstrong to create 72 different plant illustrations, that came together in this beautiful book. Recently we just finished the second book in the series, The Illustrated Bestiary, which is a collection of 72 illustrated animals and their corresponding rituals and reflections. Next year a third book in the series will be released, The Illustrated Crystallary, with a whole new assortment of illustrations that I’m currently creating.

Working on these books has been one of the most fun and challenging projects I've taken on so far. Both books are currently available for purchase online and prints of the Herbiary and Bestiary illustrations are available on my Inprnt shop.

About the Herbiary

Rosemary is for remembrance; sage is for wisdom. The symbolism of plants — whether in the ancient Greek doctrine of signatures or the Victorian secret language of flowers — has fascinated us for centuries. This guide intuitively profiles the mysterious personalities of 36 herbs, fruits, and flowers. Combining a passion for plants with imagery reminiscent of tarot, this enticing text offers reflections and rituals to tap into each plant’s power for healing, self-reflection, and everyday guidance.

About the Bestiary

People across cultures and through the centuries have felt a spiritual, symbolic connection to animals. This book highlights 36 animals’ most meaningful traits, and explores how those qualities can illuminate our habits, guide our intentions, and inform our actions. Spring Peeper’s ability to reemerge from frozen hibernation can inspire us to reinvent ourselves. Katydid’s five eyes can lend clarity of vision when we need to see the bigger picture. From the humble House Mouse to the magnificent Elephant, this beautifully illustrated guide to animal spirits provides new ways of connecting with the creatures that walk, crawl, slither, swim, and fly.